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At Malmar, we believe in setting out a solid action plan. This paves the way to success and leads to mutual trust. We aim for open communication and clarity about our methods of doing business together.

Our action plan

1. Request for quotation (RFQ)

The customer sends Malmar's sales department a new RFQ via email of through the website.

2. Needs analysis

Once a new RFQ has been received, Malmar's calculation department will analyze the feasibility of the required part. It is technically possible to produce this part in-house? Are all drawings and standards available and clear?

3. Co-engineering

After analyzing, our engineers will study potential products improvements that may lead to cost-savings. Our engineers frequently propose design changes, which are of course subject to customer's approval.

4. Research & Development

In our R&D department, new tools are developed to guarantee the most efficient product method. This structured way of working is one of our key succes factors leading to the manufacturing of full-proof quality parts in the end.

5. Product offer & proprosal

Once all operations and subparts have been defined in a bill of material, Malmar will prepare a well-defined final offer, which includes a cost-breakdown of material, labor and surface treatment costs for each part.

6. Production & Services

After receival of the purchasing order, parts are launched into production. Malmar production is following the different steps defined by MPS (Malmar production system). This structured way of manufacturing parts is integrated into a home-made ERP-system.

7. Secured Quality Control

Malmar has developed the Malmar Quality Assurance System (MQAS) to support the production process. With this system, Malmar can flag any potential production errors and prevent that any malfunctioning parts leave the plant. Any product we deliver will meet PPAP standards. Malmar is ISO TS 16949 certified.

8. Deliveries

Shipping the right quantities at the right time, Malmar can guarantee this thanks to EDI connections to its customers. Our high delivery performance figures are the result of the combination of high flexibility and well-organized buffer stock of parts.

9. Survey & Evaluation

Anything the customers communicates to us will echo throughout the entire organization and will urge us to implement corrective actions to strive for even more customer satisfaction.

10. Optimization

The Malmar mindset about continious process improvement, is leading to a high level of efficiency and competitive edge. This reflection of optimizing can lead to profits for you as a customer. By consequence the base for a long-term partnership has been established this way!